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Anne has worked with young people in drug and alcohol services for four years and in recent times as part of a team been proactive in setting up child and family services within Primary Care.

Anne has taught on various counselling courses dating back from 1989 and facilitated various workshops.  She has assisted on the Psychotherapy Training Programme with the European Interdisciplinary Association for Therapeutic Sevices for Children and Young People.  In Jersey 2014 she facilitated a three day workshop on ‘Brief and Process Focussed Therapy’.  Having worked in the NHS with this model for twelve years she is passionate to convey the artistry in a brief and focussed Intervention.  

Since March 2014 she has re-located her full time focus to support the development of a multi layered service, offering CPD workshops, providing support, supervision and consultancy to a wide range of Holistic Therapists, Counsellors and Psychotherapists working at the above establishments.  She has a particular interest in integrating, accessible health services.  She has extensive experience in training and supervising trainee medical, nursing and occupational health Professionals within a psychotherapeutic context within the NHS.  Anne has been in a supervisory role in both voluntary and statutory organisations.


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