Chepstow Child and Family Therapy Centre

Chepstow Child and Family Therapy Centre (CC&FTC) is the newest facet to Gestalt Centre Wales.  


I am the Welsh representative for the European Interdisciplinary Association for Children and Young People of which there are fifteen European countries involved. In extending my qualifications to achieve an independent and accredited qualification as a Child Psychotherapist I welcome the development of a Child and Family Therapy Centre.


With the collaboration of my fellow therapists, information and research I have confirmed the need for the Service.  Whilst in the early stages of development everyone is committed and passionate about this provision. 


There are plans for a separate unit to be placed in the grounds of Gestalt Centre Wales providing a warm, safe and child friendly environment for this essential work to take place.


Fostering a relationship with Social Services, local GP’s, local schools and government legislation it is planned to develop this facet to become a direct aid for any educational body who is facing challenging behaviours by students or supporting parents/families through difficult situations.  


The service is of benefit to the local schools as it has direct involvement with children who are not coping in the school environment. Working with social workers and the families enables the child to cope better and has lesser issues within the education environment, enriching the child’s educational experience and supporting the education service in what they are experiencing with that particular child. 

There are currently 6 practitioners with an anticipated expansion of a consortium of highly trained professional, supported by supervision, training and CPD events.

The practitioners are currently:  


  • A Gestalt Psychotherapist who oversees servises pertaining to working with children, their families and interfaces with a reange of relevant interdisciplinary services. in addition, also provides a consultative role and direct relational Practice.
  • An Integrative Counsellor who offers therapeutic intervention covering a range of issues.
  • A Play Therapist who has extensive experience in domestic abuse services delivering play therapy services.
  • An Hypnotherapist with an existing, established and experienced practice who has seen many young people particularly in relation to exam periods, general educational experiences and relationship difficulties with peers and families. 
  • A Therapist/coach who has worked in schools offering useful tools to help with dyslexia and other broad ranging symptoms. 
  • AArt therapist with a teaching background offering further creative arts. 


Between them they also have vast experience within schools and are now an integral part of this service.  Utilising the expertise of these and other practitioners in Chepstow Therapy Rooms offers a unique and experienced stance on children and young people.  All offer a valued contribution to extending the creative medium in which to practice. 


All three facets of Gestalt Centre Wales is run from a wonderful character full seventeenth century building in the centre of Chepstow.

Gestalt Centre Wales

10 Hocker Hill Street


NP16 5ER


Phone: 07863 976833

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Chepstow Child and Family Therapy Centre

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