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In April 2014 I was in a position to take up a leadership role and became the founding director of Chepstow Therapy Rooms. Interlinked with Gestalt Centre Wales,


Chepstow Therapy Rooms has a consortium of Psychotherapists, Counsellors and Alternative Therapists. The aims of Chepstow Therapy Rooms includes fostering alliances with the NHS and local GP’s in the development of a low cost service. Building on Central Governments messages to provide mental health support.


The development of therapies through Chepstow Therapy Rooms enables an in-depth holistic approach incorporating psychotherapy and counselling. We are as a community of therapists passionate to promote this unique depth of service under one umbrella.  We are through our diverse services committed to a quality mental health and alternative therapy service.


An aspect of our mission, with a collaborative approach is to provide a rich high standard of service to Chepstow local community, surrounding areas and beyond. We are also committed to the ethos that this Service will exist and develop to fulfil client needs. I am committed to lead and guide this measure


An integral part of Gestalt Centre Wales is Chepstow Therapy Rooms where I have embraced a passion for the therapeutic field and decided to create a therapeutic base, extending the possibilities for a focussed Psychotherapy / Counselling and Holistic therapeutic alliance. Known professionals returned and new therapists joined Chepstow Therapy Rooms as self-employed practitioners. This group of highly professional and qualified practitioners are fully committed in working alongside Anne to promote psychotherapy, counselling and alternative therapies, attracting clients to Chepstow Therapy Rooms.  In the provision of a safe, confidential and tranquil environment in which therapists can carry out a variety of therapeutic practices and deliver a quality service which meet a range of clients’ needs is realised and achieved.


Chepstow Therapy Rooms provides an array of quality services with a range of people of all ages and differing professional qualifications.  The areas of therapy are psychotherapy, counselling, homeopathy, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, theta healing & soul planning, herbal medicines, nutritionalist-allergy testing, energy healing, Reiki, art therapy, massage and reflexology. (A provision of music therapy is also hopefully in process). As a result of the rich mix of counselling and psychotherapy skills the practitioners can cover a broad range of issues for individuals, couples, families, children, young people and groups.

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