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In 2013 I become the founding director of the first Gestalt Centre in Wales.  This provided me with the opportunity to essentially support Psychotherapists, Counsellors and Mental Health workers to engage in accessible, affordable and quality Continued Professional Development (CPD) workshops.  CPD is a required element of a psychotherapist / counsellor professional life where a minimum of hours per year be achieved to maintain skills and fulfil requirements set by professional bodies. For example United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) requires fifty hours per year and the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) membership requires thirty hours per year.  

  • Gestalt Centre Wales is a professional resource for workshops, courses and training, identified through research in the local therapeutic community and the wider field of psychotherapy and counselling. 
  • Gestalt Centre Wales also encourages the local community to gain access to high quality and affordable courses, training and workshops, enriching education in the area and providing individuals with resources to cope with life better.
  • Gestalt Centre Wales in its unique ability supports a range of varied, diverse and quality practitioners who will in turn (in having an opportunity to a continual progression in their own professional work) be able to proactively and creatively respond to the needs of the community.  A unique learning environment for psychotherapy and counselling trainees along with newly qualified Therapists to achieve and fulfil their vocation

The value in such a training faculty supporting professionals to work with prospective clients to a high level and quality of evidence based practice is crucial.


Additional workshops I have facilitated in recent years: 


In assisting in the Integrative Psychotherapy Training on two occasions in France between 2012-2014 gave me both an inspiring experience and valued opportunity to appreciate how in my own professional development, facilitating training courses and Continuous Professional Development workshops seemed the most natural and consolidating progression. Leaning in on my varied experience to date both within the NHS and independently in my own ongoing professional development aided this process.


In 2014 I facilitated a three day workshop in Jersey on ‘Brief and Process Focussed Therapy’. Having worked in the NHS within this model for twelve years I am passionate to convey the artistry in a brief and focussed Intervention.


Continuous Professional Development                                                


Forthcoming workshops for 2014/15:

  • Child Psychotherapy Training – Conversion and four year training
  • Gestalt Basics, Fundamentals and Intermediate: Taster Days / Weekends in Gestalt: Anne Pettit, Alivia Rose, Val Bell, Judith Gregory and Gillian Downie
  • Brief and Process focussed Workshops and Training
  • ‘Dreaming Ourselves into Being'; Live Practicums: Sally Denham-Vaughan
  • Constellations Training: Ed Rowlands
  • Shame workshop: Martin Capps and Gillian Downie
  • Introduction to Play Therapy: Tina Morgan
  • Drama Workshops: Gillian Downie, Mel Beer; Mandy Squires
  • Supervision Practicums with Anne Pettit


Gestalt Centre Wales

10 Hocker Hill Street


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Phone: 07863 976833

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